Wrong Overdue Jobs Report in Version v17.5.x

We received a notification regarding a report in our system that shows an unexpected vast number of overdue jobs that doesn’t reflect the actual situation on board. The report in question can be found in the Schedules part of the Maintenance module as shown in the screenshot below:

Using this function will produce a report with wrong data by showing all components instead of showing only components with overdue jobs.


Unfortunately, this report option is a leftover from a presentation delivered to a customer where we discussed the implementation of a separate report for overdue jobs. For demonstration purposes, we just used a copy of the already existing “All Components” report for having some data available during the presentation and being able to demonstrate features like filtering, grouping and sorting of report data and exporting the report results to external files (e.g. Excel). At the end, it was decided that the already existing Schedules screen is fully capable to deliver the exactly same information while providing some extra features for filtering the shown data (e.g. remove all results from list for reported delays, etc. if necessary).


In result: The report you see is in fact a list of all components available in the system and is intended only for internal presentations. Unfortunately, we forgot to remove this demonstration feature before releasing the May 2017 update.

We are deeply sorry if this caused confusion and trouble on your side.

Required Measures

The crew must continue using the already known and established Schedules screen available in the system. By default, this list shows all planned maintenance jobs incl. jobs already overdue more than 14 days, jobs overdue less than 14 days and all jobs due in the future.

Via the available filter options, the crew can choose via the “Status” column to limit the list only to all overdue jobs. Further information about using the filter feature can be found in the manual (see ZeeBORN Manual – How to Use Grids)

As the new “Overdue Tasks” report wouldn’t bring any advantage over the already existing features available in the Schedules screen, the development of this feature won’t be continued and the feature will be removed from the system with the next software update. Actually, it shouldn’t have been available in this regular software release as it never left the demonstration stage.

Crew, inspectors and auditors should be informed about this error to avoid any further confusion.

An update of the software, correcting this error, will be released within a few days. All customers will be notified as soon as the update is available.