Digital Signature Update for Setups Downloaded After 1st of January 2016

Some users who download our setup files via Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge will see a “signature corrupt or invalid” error message after downloading the setup file.


Microsoft introduced a new rule where all digitally signed executable files will require a signature with a SHA256 encrypted certificate, if the file was signed after 1st of January 2016. ZeeBORN setup files still used the former SHA1 encryption and are now detected as invalid signatures.

All ZeeBORN setup files created and signed after 2nd of February 2016 include now 2 different digital signatures: the known SHA1 encrypted signature and the new required SHA256 encrypted signature. This allows full compatibility with previous Windows versions down to Windows XP and up to the newest Windows 10 releases.

The validity of the setup files signature can be manually checked by accessing the properties of the setup file and having a look into the “Digital Signatures” tab. Selecting one of the included signatures and clicking the button “Details” will provide further info and if the signature is valid.


If you still need to install a ZeeBORN software version that’s affected by the error message shown during download, you may still use this setup file for installing the ZeeBORN software. In any cases the ZeeBORN setup performs it’s own validation of the included digital signatures before installing any new files. This validation detects all potential problems caused by errors during the file download or potential infection with a virus. If the self validation finds any problems, please follow the instructions shown by the setup program or contact ZeeBORN Support.